KINDAI 5 Advantages

Today's innovation, Tomorrow's world.

Five advantages accumulated through experience of more than 75 years since founding "High quality and high durability", "Proposal more than requested", "Flexible response", "Reliability", "After-sales service". We develop, design, manufacture and sell, and provide after-sales service upon request.

Advantage.01High quality and high durability

Beginner and woman can use it easily.

"Technical know-how" accumulated through many years of experience is outstanding in the industry and has become an irreplaceable asset for Kindai. This property is the main axis that supports "high quality and high durability" and realizes products that satisfy customers for a long time. Kindai staff who are familiar with each field carry out quality inspections based on strict internal standards based on the manuals, and continue to maintain stable quality. As a manufacturer, we provide high quality and high durability that Kindai has been producing for many years. In addition, the growth of manufacturing never ends. Looking ahead of the times, we are committed to the research and development of new products by incorporating modern technology, based on "machines that can be used safely by beginners and women".

Advantage.02Proposal more than requested

Mission as the industry pioneer.

The strength of Kindai, which manufactures and sales products that boast the top share in the market, is to help customers with their problems and issues. In recent years, customers' needs are diversifying in particular, and it is a paradigm shift to an era where it is difficult to meet diversifying needs by simply proposing a customer contact. By sharing problems and issues in detail, we can understand workability, operability, productivity, quality, etc., and propose "a product that is not exactly what you want, but more than you want" from the customer's perspective. As a pioneer in the industry, we are proud that Kindai mission is to make optimal proposals that are close to each customer, such as Slitter, Heat Cutting Machine, and Sewing Machine for Both

Advantage.03Flexible response

Wide range of support from standard machines to custom machines.

The reason why Kindai has been able to continue its business for more than 75 years is that it has been responding to a variety of requests from standard machines to bespoke machines. Kindai responsibility is given to the manufacturer to provide total support from design and development to after-sales service, by proposing more than desired for various needs such as quality, performance, price and lead time. By linking each process, all Kindai staff can share the completed machine and work, and realize the customer's request in "Shape". One of the reasons we continue to receive many requests is our ability to provide the most suitable products to meet such demands.


KINDAI brand has been passed down for many years

Founded in 1945, Kindai Co., Ltd. has become a well-established manufacturer for over 75 years. The long history of a company can only be established when we have a relationship of trust with our customers, and it is a precious asset at Kindai. The property is the solid foundation of the "KINDAI brand" that is popular with customers all over the world. Kindai important mission today is to inherit the brand image that its predecessors have accumulated over many years and to connect the KINDAI brand to the future. we will create a new future with our customers as a reliable manufacturer.

Advantage.05After-sales service

A new page for a long relationship with you

As a manufacturer, it is important to make durable products, but since Kindai products are often used under a wide range of conditions with different specifications and environments, it is not the end of delivery but the after-sales service is long with you. It's a "New Beginning" to interact with. In order to continue to use the "KINDAI Brand", we will provide accurate and prompt support as a group of professionals who have been making machines for many years, focusing on the quality of after-sales service. If a problem occurs, we will, of course, respond promptly, but if you have any questions regarding operation methods or maintenance, please feel free to contact us. Even after delivery, we will contribute to customer's development.


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