Business Flow

We will introduce our business flow. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

  1. Step.01Contact us

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    Please feel free to contact us regarding products, lead time, specifications, prices, etc.

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  2. Step.02Meeting and doing test

    Listen to your request in detail by email or phone. After that, we do test the customer's material with the test machine in our showroom and confirm the quality. We have test machines for each model, so you can perform optimal test processing according to various materials.

  3. Step.03Quotation

    Propose the optimal Kindai product that meets the customer's desired specifications, taking into consideration the content of the hearing and the test processing results. We will also submit a quotation, quotation specification, and quotation drawing.

  4. Step.04Contract

    If you are satisfied with the quotation price, specifications, lead time, etc., please place an order.
    An official order will be placed upon receipt of the purchase order or sales contract.

  5. Step.05Drawing

    Based on the quotation specification and drawing, Kindai staff with extensive experience in various fields will carry out full-scale mechanical and electrical design. With the experience and know-how accumulated over 75 years since its founding, Kindai's unique design technology will meet a wide range of needs such as quality, workability, operability, productivity, maintenance and durability.

  6. Step.06Manufacturing, Assembling and Adjustment

    According to the drawing, all Kindai staff will perform manufacturing and assembly while imagining the completed machine. Although the operation will vary depending on the customer's specifications, all operations will be adjusted based on the operation manual to realize a machine that exceeds your requirements.

  7. Step.07Quality Inspection

    Make every effort to improve quality. Quality inspection will carefully inspect and verify the operation based on the specifications, mechanical drawings, and electrical drawings. We provide customers by conducting quality inspections based on the strict Kindai standards established in the 75 years since our founding.

  8. Step.08Inspection with Customer

    At the machine completion stage, customers will come to KINDAI to perform mechanical and electrical specifications and operation checks in the presence of a person. We will do the operation and if there are any improvements or corrections, we will respond to each case.

  9. Step.09Installation

    Delivery is the greatest moment to share joy with our customers. Experienced Kindai staff will carry out the installation, test operation and adjustment from the loading of the machine, and will explain the operation and maintenance methods in detail so that you can use the machine correctly and safely.

  10. Step.10After Service

    It is ideal that you can use our products for a longer period of time, and we will respond to customer requests promptly and accurately. If you have any questions about the operation method or problems with the product, please feel free to contact us


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